A description of me, my modelling work and creative career in both English and Japanese

About Choom


Born in London, now relocated to Tokyo living out my kawaii dreams.

After being introduced to Japanese pop culture through anime and manga, I went on to discover the world of alternative fashion. I started choom-chan to document my fashion adventures through styling and modelling and also created PuriCuties, a collaboration fashion blog.

Over many years this love of Japan and fashion led me to take a degree in Japanese which meant spending a year abroad in Tokyo. Whilst there I landed the opportunity of a lifetime and was offered a job at the famous Harajuku boutique, 6%DokiDoki. In between studying and working, I was able to experience all that Tokyo had to offer in both it's mainstream culture and niche fashion. 

Now, having graduated from university with a BA in Japanese, I'm ready to take on new and exciting creative projects!